WANTED! continues to knock it out of the park for some of the top-rated, animated programming, produced for the domestic and international markets.

We provide total production supervision from top to tail for some of the most fun and exciting content on TV.

We can handle the track, too. “Bespoke” in-house music services, led by our resident Voice and Music Director, Earl Torno, means we can custom create themes and scores for any project. Earl has directed music for “9 Story”, “Fresh TV”, “Sinking Ship”, “DHX Media” to name a few.

If you’d like to hear/see more go to: Sound & Music Production under ‘Services’.

Animation Specific Services for Series & Features

Production Supervision
Dialogue Recording/Nat Pause Edit
Leica Editing
Breakdown & Lip Assignment
Voice Directing
Original Music + Scoring or Edit from Library
Sound Design (Sound Effects/Ambiences/Foley)
Pre-Mix & 5.1 Mixing
Mastering to any video Format